The USG is the Undergraduate Student Government of Jacobs University Bremen. Members were elected by and are representing the undergraduate student body. The USG consists of the elected student representatives in the Student Parliament, the Secretariat and Student Court. Additionally, there are other special positions and bodies, such as the Young Learner and student representatives in the University Level Food Committee, the Equal Oppotunities, Dual Career and Family Friendliness Committee and the Academic Integrity Committee. The Student Parliament is structured in different committees, which are each chaired by one or two parliamentarians, governed by the undergraduate constitution and a set of by-laws.

The Graduate Students Association is the highest and the only organ that represents all the graduate students of Jacobs University Bremen before other bodies within as well as outside the university. The Graduate Students Association is composed of all the graduate students (Masters Students and PhD candidates) of Jacobs University.

GSA represents the graduate student community of Jacobs University Bremen before the respective bodies inside as well as outside the university.It furthermore promotes and supports the initiatives of the graduate student body of Jacobs University Bremen.

The GSA helps enhance and improve the academic and social life of the graduate student body of Jacobs University Bremen by providing academic, social and cultural forums. Furthermore, they organize events and initiatives for Graduates and also assist and provide help in the execution of relevant projects for the graduate student community.

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