The theme of TEDxJacobsUniversity 2015 is ‘Tales of Change.’ Tales are stories - made up or based on facts, these stories are accompanied by pictures or just figures of speech and one's own imagination. Tales are something one can never grow too old for. With time, tales and stories change, but the world around them changes as well. And not only that, tales actually manage to change one's perspective as well.

Not too long ago, phone addiction was an unknown word, but now every other person has become a victim. Cinderella has become a “Tinder-Love story”. Cars used to be a sign of prestige, but now every boy or girl next door owns one. This partially makes one sad but on the other hand one cannot but think about the opportunities one is given.

With our topic choice, we thus want to introduce new advancements in all fields – from natural sciences to social sciences, we have a bit of everything. Not only is our topic supposed to talk to your inner child, it’s supposed to catch your adult interest and hold it tight, like a child holds its’ Teddy bear. Let us take you on a journey into the future or maybe even into the past – we might also just stay in the present while we’re here…Let our delicious snacks teleport you into a new dimension. Let our speakers be a treat to sore ears and unchallenged minds and last but not least: Let us inspire you with our “Tales of Change”!

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